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Multiple errors in event viewer (Error state: 10013 and Event ID: 36871 for Schannel) along with corresponding beeps (loud, annoying and short ones) while playing games on Windows 11. Can you please help me fix this?

I have recently been getting multiple errors in event viewer along with corresponding beeps while playing games on Windows 11 (Latest updated version).

Event viewer logs them as errors from Schannel errors with error state: 10013 and Event ID: 36871. The reported applications are from Windows itself as far as i understand. Some of them include applications like smartscreen.exe, gamebar.exe, xbox.exe, OneDriveStandaloneUpdater, backgroundTaskHost, msteamsupdate and such.

Errors go something like this:

A fatal error occurred while creating a TLS client credential. The internal error state is 10013.
The SSPI client process is
<app name> (PID: <number>).

Solutions tried:

  1. I have tried disabling smartscreen and other such components and while errors stop from there; there are MULTIPLE of windows processes that are giving up the same error (a few mentioned above being main). I even have tried to end task from task manager corresponding PID as shown in Event Viewer and still no change.

  2. I have tried enabling TLS 1.1 and 1.2 but that doesnt seem to solve anything. I even went to the trouble of enabling server-client Schannel crypto suite stuff meant mainly for Windows Servers to enable a custom order of ciphers (from what i understand as per Stackoverflow). That still doesnt seem to solve the problem.

  3. I have tried resetting my network adapters but still no change.

  4. I have tried updating whatever windows applications I could and still no change.

Since When:
The errors have been happening from the start of this month as per a custom view I filtered in my Event viewer (Specifically from 2nd May, 2022) and I only came to know of them recently when I started playing a few games and my computer having started to beep while I was gaming. There are more than 7,000 of these errors within this month of this specific event id in my event viewer and I really only came to know of it recently while playing games.

The Beeps while playing games:
The beeps correspond to errors shown in event viewer while I am mid-game. They DO NOT happen when i am outside of games doing other stuff on my computer like browsing the net or using other applications.

I tried looking up what these random beeps meant initially and why did they keep happening. The answers on internet and knowledge base said that short beeps could mean hardware faults or CPU/GPU temp overloads.

But please consider this, I am able to boot up into the OS, use it normally and have no hiccups even now. If it was a memory error, RAM error, CPU/GPU error or something of another hardware component, then would I have been able to use my computer as normal? Clearly, computer is fine. Especially with whatever diagnostics I could run.

The beeps only happen when I am playing games. They are short beeps. Sometimes only 1 short beep and sometimes bursts of small short single beeps. When these beeps happen, my computer has a 'hiccup' in performance. It lags for just a bit and resumes normal.

CPU and GPU temperature is normal range and needless to say other hardware components (Otherwise i would not have been able to use my computer). Can you please help me fix this?

Windows Specs:

Edition Windows 11 Pro
Version 21H2
Installed on ‎10-‎02-‎2022
OS build 22000.675
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.675.0

(Copied from Settings>System>About)


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Pour contourner ce problème, copiez et collez la fonction dans une fenêtre PowerShell et exécutez-la. Vous pouvez maintenant utiliser la commande get-EventViewer dans l’invite PowerShell pour voir vos vues personnalisées. Vous devrez entrer la fonction à chaque fois que vous ouvrez une nouvelle fenêtre PowerShell. Remarque La fonction get-EventViewer ne nous permet de voir que les vues personnalisées déjà définies. Pour créer des vues personnalisées,

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I understand this is regarding making custom views via PowerShell?
Thanks for educating me on that!
I will try that out at some point but does the powershell CLI return more information than the Event Viewer GUI?
Anyway, thanks for contributing.
I will try out what I can understand from this and see :)

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