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Deploy and onboard Microsoft Defender to Shared iPads in College via InTune

Dear Friends,

I am trying to plan to roll out Microsoft defender to School Owned iPads (Enrolled via Apple DEP & Supervised by InTune, enrol profile: without User Affinity). Seems there is no auto enrolment method that allows me to onboard these InTune devices to Microsoft Security Defender ATP. No matter what I try, it will require user to sign in to installed App on iPads. I don't think user will be willing to do this with their credentials. Is there any way I can onboard shared iPads to Microsoft security?


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@NamlessShelter-6097 Thanks for posting in our Q&A.

Based on my research, currently, zero-touch cannot be configured on iOS devices that are enrolled without user affinity (user-less devices or shared devices). For more details, please refer to the following article:

If you are interested in this feature, it is suggested to post in intune feedback portal. This is a place to collect customers' requirements and problems.

Thanks for your understanding.

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So there is no way we can onboard shared InTune enrolled iOS devices to Microsoft security? Can we onboard for Windows 10 and MacOS to Defender without user loggin in? ....

Will it be supported in the future for iOs and Android devices?


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@NamlessShelter-6097 Honestly, I didn't find that there is any official article about these questions. With the limiation resources, I couldn't do the test to check the real situation about if it needs user loggin in.

To avoid sharing error information, it is suggested to create an online support ticket to get more accurate help. Here is the support link:

Thanks for your understanding and hope everything goes well with you.

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