Can't Find Needed Server/VM in Europe Zones

Ibrahim Turnsole 21 Reputation points

Hello Dears;
We want to purchase an Azure server/VM in any of Europe zones, but I can not find the needed specs
I searching for F16 or any or its versions...
the needed specs in details are
CPU 16 Core
32 RAM
256 GB SSD
Windows server 2019 or above

any one can help me where to find such specs in Europe zones??

best regards

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Azure Virtual Machines
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Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2019
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  1. Bjoern Peters 7,156 Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    I got this PowerShell a long time ago, it is still working in CloudShell...

    $myregion = "westeurope"
    Get-AzureRmVMSize -Location $myregion | Where-Object { $.NumberOfCores -gt 16 } | Where-Object {$.MemoryInMB -gt 32000} | Out-GridView

    If you have a list of regions, you might build an outer loop to step through that list...

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  1. Bjoern Peters 7,156 Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    According to Microsofts Services per Region - Compute - Virtual Machine,europe-west

    F-Series should be available in both European regions, maybe you have to request them manually via "Compute power request" from support.