How to include files that will be built in a UWP project?

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I'm trying to add a UWP target to a pre-existing project. Regularly, the project builds an .exe and then builds some supporting .dlls, which are copied to a directory as detailed in a .props file. Currently, although my UWP target does include the project which creates these .dlls, and includes said props file through its .vcxproj file, those files are not copied across and thus the project does not launch properly. How do I make sure these .dlls are included across? I can't just hardcode an include path, because itll be different on different machines, so the ideal solution would be for the .vcxproj file to properly include the .props file and work as intended, but seeing as that does not work should I include the .props file manually? How would I do that?

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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