WinRT getting callbacks to Win32 application

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I am having problem getting callbacks from WinRT to Win32 application.

This code builds...... but I never get the callback even if I toggle HighContrast on and off in the control panel.

Bellow is my code, which builds and does not crash when I run it, but the OutputDebugString inside of the callback I never get.

Is there something I should be doing differently ?

OutputDebugStringW(L"Adding callback");

   settings->add_HighContrastChanged(Microsoft::WRL::Callback<ABI::Windows::Foundation::ITypedEventHandler< abi_vm::AccessibilitySettings*, IInspectable*>>
        [](auto&& s, IInspectable*) -> HRESULT
            OutputDebugStringW(L"High contrast changed");
            return 0;


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  1. Castorix31 69,256 Reputation points

    On my OS (Windows 10 21H1), I only get this event with Packaged apps, not Desktop apps (while other events work)

    For example in UWP, in the MainPage class :

     hcChangedRevoker = accSettings.HighContrastChanged(winrt::auto_revoke, [this](winrt::Windows::UI::ViewManagement::AccessibilitySettings const&, winrt::Windows::Foundation::IInspectable const&)
                    // code...


     Windows::UI::ViewManagement::AccessibilitySettings accSettings;
     Windows::UI::ViewManagement::AccessibilitySettings::HighContrastChanged_revoker hcChangedRevoker;

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