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Hi guy's

I have a really strange issue with one of my DNS servers in our environment,we have a single .local domain that is divided into 4 different sites, each site has its own DC/DNS and everything work just fine.
At the HQ we have 4 DC's, 3 of them is VM and one is physical server.
One of the VM is a server 2019 with all of the FSMO roles. strange issue is here, when on this server 2019 ping mydomain.local it should returen the IP of this 2019, right?
but instead I get the IP of a DNS server in remote location??
I did clear the DNS cache. but still resture the IP of a different DNS server!!
this server 2019 DC/DNS point to its IP for primary DNS.

Any suggestion?


Windows DHCP
Windows DHCP
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  1. Shahin Mortazave 456 Reputation points

    I understand what you mean, you are right if I run the ping from a client on the lan, but when running the ping on the DNS server itself it should resolve the mydomain.local to the IP of the DNS server and not any other dns server.

  2. Dave Patrick 341.7K Reputation points MVP

    Pinging the domain name will just result in one DNS server replying. There is no influence on which one reacts. Ping is also not site aware.

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