Unable to create labelling project

Bokkers, LAR (Lars) 1 Reputation point

I've been trying to create a Labeling project in AzureML. I have succesfully registered the datastore (without credentials, so AzureML should use the users's AD Credential), I have succesfully created a dataset from the datastore (approx 15k images in the dataset) and can explore the dataset from the portal.

When I then create a labelling project, I finish the creation wizard and get back to the label project overview with. For a few seconds the project shows it's initializing but then shows the project as Failed. The only information I get is:

The dataset refresh has failed. Verify the project's datastore credentials are correct and the dataset contains datapoints.

However, as far as I can tell the credentials are correct and the dataset does contain datapoints as evidenced by me being able to 'explore' the dataset from the portal.

What other issues can cause this error and/or how can I get a more detailed explanation for what went wrong?

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  1. Daniel S 6 Reputation points

    @Bokkers, LAR (Lars) If your dataset was not created from a blob datastore, that might be the issue.