Getting Deleted Occurences of a Recurrence

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I am trying to sync my custom made calendar with my outlook calendar. To do that, I am pulling all of my events from outlook via the Microsoft graph API, and adding them to my calendar. I have almost everything completed, but I have run into one issue with regards to trying to get recurring events. Currently, I pull them and am able to access almost all of the data I need to display them in my application. The only thing I am currently having issues with, is that I can't find a way to get any information about occurrences of the recurrence that have been deleted. For example, in my outlook, I have a recurring event that occurs every day for 1 week. If I make one of the occurrences into an exception by changing the time of the event, that's ok, I can deal with that in my application. However, if I delete one of the occurrences from the recurrence altogether, this causes problems, since now anytime I try to pull information from the graph, I don't receive anything to indicate that there is another exception in the recurrence. As far as I can tell, the only way for me to determine which events from a recurrence have been removed, is to pull of the occurrences of the recurrence, and compare each of them to the occurrences that my recurrence has created, but this is a terrible way of doing it, so there must be something I am missing.

Long story short: I need a way to pull a list of all deleted occurrences of a recurrence from the graph.

Microsoft Graph Calendar API
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    Hi @Riley Coulter

    As per my research, at present there is no Graph API available that can retrieve list of all deleted occurrences of a recurring event. Since this feature/functionality is presently not available, you can submit a feature request idea using this support link, which will be monitored by Microsoft team and make the enhancements to Microsoft Graph APIs. I will also upvote for you.

    Hope this helps!
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