Guest VM's losing network access after May '22 updates

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We applied the May '22 updates to our Server 2019 guest VM's and one cluster node (Server 2019 DC). After rebooting the updated cluster node, guest VM's migrated back that were running an up-to-date 2019 OS lost network access. On the affected machines, the Hyper-V network adapter driver was updated to 10.0.17763.2989. Manually reverting the driver back to 10.0.17763.1 brings the network back online. Also, leaving the host sit for a few hours also brings the network back but the issue will happen again after a restart. Issue only affects Server 2019 guest VM's that have been updated. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Have a case open with Microsoft but support has been severely lacking with no suggestions yet.

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  1. Mac Kru 1 Reputation point

    Hallo, I Have same issue - fresh WS2019 installation - first updates and same results as in Your posts - how did You manually bring back the driver version ?

  2. Pat DiPersia 101 Reputation points

    Any news on this? Think we're seeing the same thing.

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  3. StoutServer 1 Reputation point

    Hi @Pat DiPersia

    We haven't found a resolution to this yet. I have a ticket open with Microsoft and Nutanix but I haven't been able to get much of a response. What sort of environment are you running? I think we have it narrowed down to only affecting VM's moved to a host that has Intel nics (x520 models).

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  4. Pat DiPersia 101 Reputation points

    So this is an interesting one. We're seeing it on virtual hosts AND guests. Believe I've seen it on two hosts; both are Proliant servers running HPe NICs. One has an HPe branded Broadcom NIC, the other an HPe branded Intel NIC. We have these servers everywhere and only seeing it on two or three clients, so far. Came out of the blue, then started happening every day or two. Disable the NIC, re-enable, wait a minute, usually comes back. Had to reboot once (Or just didn't wait long enough.)

    Have turned off power management in the settings on the NICs this past weekend. Doubt it'll make a difference, but no idea what else to try.

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