Why do we see different Sensitivity Labels?

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When working with Outlook online we are seeing 2 different sets of Sensitive Labels, and are not sure where some of them come from?

In this screenshot, you can see our AIP label that have been published (working as it should):

But if we click the 3 dots "..." and select "show message options"

We see a set of Sensitivity Labels we NEVER configured...we have no idea where they came from - can someone please advise?

Look forward to hearing back.

Thank you,

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Azure Information Protection
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    Vasil Michev 61,446 Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    Those are not labels, but built-in Outlook functionality. Both Outlook and OWA allow users to configure "message sensitivity level" property, which is not related in any way with sensitivity labels, AIP or RMS. Here's for example the corresponding option within Outlook:


    Refer to this article for more detailed explanation: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/mark-your-email-as-normal-personal-private-or-confidential-4a76d05b-6c29-4a0d-9096-71784a6b12c1

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