KeyValuePairs isundefined = true

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I'm trying to use the FormRecognizer service.

On FormRecognizerStudio I can retrieve the fields in the document and their value. But I can't manage to make it work in

The result I get has a Content with all the data contained in the document, it also has Documents, Styles, Pages and Tables.
But the KeyValuePairs, Entities and Languages have their IsUndefined property set to true, and a count set to 0.

I'd like to get the KeyValuePairs.

Does anyone know why it has such a behaviour?

            AzureKeyCredential credential = new AzureKeyCredential(key);  
            DocumentAnalysisClient client = new DocumentAnalysisClient(new Uri(endpoint), credential);  
            AnalyzeDocumentOperation operation = await client.StartAnalyzeDocumentAsync("prebuilt-invoice", File.OpenRead("fa1.png"), null);  
            await operation.WaitForCompletionAsync();  
            AnalyzeResult result = operation.Value;  


Azure Analysis Services
Azure Analysis Services
An Azure service that provides an enterprise-grade analytics engine.
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Azure Form Recognizer
Azure Form Recognizer
An Azure service that applies machine learning to extract text, key/value pairs, tables, and structures from documents.
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