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Sorry if this is a relatively simple thing to do, but I just started working with servers, RDP, VPN, etc.

I have a site setup (IIS) on port 8081 of a server, but it is currently only accessible when I connect to VPN then use Remote Desktop Connection to login to the machine. I am not permitted to open the site to traffic from outside the network, but I want to configure it so that I can access the site from VPN alone.

Here is what happens in each type of connection attempt:

  • VPN Disconnected: site not found (as it should be)
  • VPN Connected but no remote connection: site is found, but I lack the permission to access it. (How do I update the permissions to get access?)
  • VPN Connected and remote connection active: site allows me access while navigating to it from the server machine

The server is limited to 2 active RDP connections at a time, but we are expecting 4-6 users to need simultaneous access to this site, I'm hoping that using VPN to connect to the network can be made to be sufficient.

Is this possible to do?

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  1. risolis 5,926 Reputation points

    Hello @BrysonMG

    Thank you for posting your concern here.

    If I understood correctly your intended scenario...

    You need to be able to access your resources using only a VPN solution(without using the RDP tool) but I wonder if you are looking to set up this VPN on your WS Server by provisioning a L2TP/IPSec VPN(just to mention to you an example) or as well as to complete this task with a stateful Firewall solution for P2P/P2S VPN.

    Have you thought of using force or split tunneling for this scenario?

    Looking forward to hear back from you.


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  2. risolis 5,926 Reputation points

    Hello @BrysonMG

    Thanks for your explanation....

    I wonder if you have the destination route on your RT(Routing table which can be seen from CMD terminal by running route print command) or that you can resolve the DNS domain for this IIS web service when running nslookup command when you are on CMD terminal.

    If not, Have you tried to add it from the VPN server like shown below:


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