Script to find all users created in last 7 days including AD group memebership and output csv

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From the below script issued by (JRV) I'm getting the list of all ad groups the user is part of. However when I try to modify the same and filter for only security groups, not able to do so.
Would like your help in getting the username, Whencreated, Enabled, GroupName, GroupCategory.

Also anyway the output can be changed to HTML or CSV?

Get-ADUser -Filter * -Properties * |
Where-Object { $.whenCreated -ge $date } |
$user = $

$.memberOf |%{
$g = Get-ADGroup $

Add-Member -InputObject $user -MemberType NoteProperty -Name GroupName -Value $g.Name -PassThru -Force
} |
Format-Table -GroupBy Name -Property GroupName, whenCreated,DisplayName,mail,ipphone,Manager

Any Help is much appreciated.

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Accepted answer
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    Try the following. This will be one line per group with displayName and whenCreated attributes for the user repeated for each group.
    Please get into the habit of only bringing back the properties you need. (Instead of just using *, which will be every property for every user, which affects the performance of your script).

    $Users = Get-ADuser -Filter * -properties memberof, whenCreated, DisplayName  
    ForEach ($User in $Users) {  
        $groups = $User.memberOf | Get-ADGroup | Where-Object {$_.GroupCategory -eq 'Security'}  
        ForEach ($group in $groups) {  
            $props = [ordered]@{  
            $results +=  New-Object -TypeName PSObject -property $props  
    $results | Export-CSV filename.csv -noTypeInformation  

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