SCOM2012R2 - Put Agents behind Gateway in Maintenance Mode

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saiyad rahim 21 Reputation points

I have a need to shut down a scom Gateway from old vCenter to new vCenter Environment.
To do this I need to put all Agents behind this Gateway in Maintenance Mode.

Have been trying with this Pshell but didn't work:

Import-Module OperationsManager

$Time = ((Get-Date).AddMinutes(10))
Get-SCOMAgent | where {$_.PrimaryManagementServerName -eq 'GatewayServerName'}|Select DisplayName | Get-SCOMClassInstance | Start-SCOMMaintenanceMode -passthru -EndTime $Time -Comment "Server Migration."

Can someone help in identifying what is a best way to put all Agents behind a Gateway/Management Server in to MM mode.

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  1. answered 2020-09-08T06:45:54.923+00:00
    Leon Laude 84,981 Reputation points


    I've created a script below that should be what you're looking for:

    Import-Module OperationsManager
    $Time = ((Get-Date).AddMinutes(10))
    $ErrorActionPreference = 'SilentlyContinue'
    $InstanceClass = Get-SCOMClass -Name "Microsoft.Windows.Computer"
    $Agents = Get-SCOMAgent | where {$_.PrimaryManagementServerName -eq 'Gateway server name'} | Select DisplayName
    Foreach($Agent in $Agents){
        $Instance = Get-SCOMClassInstance -Class $InstanceClass | Where-Object {$_.DisplayName -match $Agent.DisplayName}
        Start-SCOMMaintenanceMode -Instance $Instance -EndTime $Time -Comment "Server Migration." -Reason "PlannedOther"
            #Checking Maintenance Mode
            Get-SCOMMaintenanceMode -Instance $Instance | select ManagementGroup,User,StartTime,ScheduledEndTime,Reason,Comments | fl


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  1. answered 2020-09-09T23:34:15.17+00:00
    saiyad rahim 21 Reputation points

    Hi Leon,
    That worked perfectly.

    Need your help in modifying this if I want to let the user choose which Gateway/Mgmt Server to target.

    If i put my values in a variable like this:


    Have the script ask:

    "Select SCOM Mgmt/Gateway"

     Press '1'  for Server1"
     Press '2'  for Server2"
     Press '3'  for Server3"
     Press '4'  for Server4"

    Would you be able to help me out with a proper script to do this?