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Windows.Graphics.Printing3D; using 3D Builder API for reducing .glb


i am trying to build a programm to reduce the poly count of .glb with the 3D Builder api, but with Windows.Graphics.Printing3D namespace you have to convert to
.3mf format. I am wondering if i overlooked something to load directly .glb like in the 3D Builder App. The converting to .3mf is really long and the backconverting to .glb...
Would also nice if the convert option would be useable.

But the reduce algorithm is very good, found no better sdk for this use case.

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How did you convert to .3mf and back convert to .glb? Have you read any tutorials? And what do you mean about "Would also nice if the convert option would be useable"? Do you mean you can't convert to .3mf successfully? If not, can you show more details about this and your unexpected behavior?

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Hi, is there any update? Have you solved your issue?

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Hey sorry was sick, i don´t use 3mf fileformat. For now i just load .stl or .obj simplify them and convert to .glb. I was hoping to use the api to convert and simplify in a simple console app. but had no success.

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So do you mean when you tried to convert .glb to .3mf, it failed, right?

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No nothing failled, it worked fine in the 3d builder app. :)
I tried using the 3d builder sdk to read obj, glb and simplify them und save them as .glb
But this function seems not to be supported by the sdk.

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