Datatype conversion in logic app for validation

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I have created a logic app flow I need to validate for fields.


Here all the inputs it is taking as string

I want to validate these field values

Invoice No must be of type integer
Sender must be of type string
Receiver must be of type string
Date must be of type date

like these I want to validate for each fields and must add it to SharePoint columns using update field properties

Can anyone help with this

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  1. MayankBargali-MSFT 52,866 Reputation points

    @Vijay Thanks for reaching out. You can refer to this document for different type specific keywords that are supported. For build in format please refer to this document.
    As per your requirement you can leverage the schema below to validate your JSON input.

      "type": "object",  
      "properties": {  
        "Date": {  
          "type": "string",  
          "format": "date"  
        "Filename": {  
          "type": "string"  
        "Invoice NO": {  
          "type": "integer"  
        "Receiver": {  
          "type": "string"  
        "Sender": {  
          "type": "string"  

    Valid Input:

      "Date": "2018-11-13",  
      "Filename": "UE11.019",  
      "Invoice NO": 90020809,  
      "Receiver": "test",  
      "Sender": "41430 Albon"  

    Date | type: string | format: date
    Filename | type : string
    Invoice NO | type : integer
    Receiver | type : string
    Sender | type : string

    **Note: ** Regular expressions are not supported with Parse JSON action. Thea above is only for reference and please modify it as per your business needs.

    In case inbuild type and format doesn't help then you need to write custom logic (leveraging inbuild actions/conditions) or inline line (write custom code in JavaScript to do regular expression validation) as per your need.