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Hello everyone,

with local memcm and Windows 10 clients, I´ve deployed an application, persistent in client cache, just an .exe file to execute, with an detection method with checking a registry hive/value.
It runs/installs as user/Visibility normal, as the user should interact with that program.
The deployment was set to Install/required, schedule/Deadline as soon as possible after avaible time, hide in Softwarecenter and also "Software installation is allowed outside the maintenance window, if deadline is reached".

Now, the 1st app deploy cycle run smoothly, the app was not detected, the exe will start, the windows was displayed.
After several hours, the "auto" re-evalution was done (as I can the in the "appdiscovery.log")

+++ Application not discovered.
+++ Did not detect app deployment type Start.....
ActionType - Install will use Content Id: Content_....

... but no further action in "appenforce.log" - I´m to impatient here? (@writing time of this text, its several hours after the entries in "appdiscovery.log)

Another check:
Check No1: If I start the application discovery cycle on a testclient direcly via the cm control panel app, the .exe starts, I can see also all expeted entries in appdiscovery and appenforce.log.

Check No2: If I start the app discovery cycle via MEM console/context menu of the client/client notification/evaluate application deployment, I can see starting discovery in "appdiscovery.log":

+++ Evaluating expression to discover application
+++ Application not discovered.
+++ Evaluating expression to discover application.
+++ Application not discovered. .....

-> but not further action here.
I´m to impatient here (again)?

Check No3: If i start the app divery cycle via WMI (e.g. via 'Invoke-WMIMethod -Namespace root\ccm -Class SMS_CLIENT -Name TriggerSchedule "{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000121}"'), I also can see starting discovery:

+++ Evaluating expression to discover application
+++ Application not discovered.
+++ Evaluating expression to discover application.
+++ Application not discovered. .....

-but not further action here.

SO: Where´s the difference between the 3 "calls for app re-discovery / re-deployments" AND why the normal automatic re-deployment do not call the app-"reinstall"?

Background: The app just displays an informational window to "animate" our users to do an action; within deployment type, the detection method checks, if the action was done by the user - and if not, that repetive re-evalution of the app-deployment should run the app again and inform the user to do the action, we want to animate to.

I´ve tested with different clients, but not success.

Thank you!

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    Jason Sandys 30,881 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    My guess here is that the allowance of user interaction is preventing the re-evaluation to kick off a re-enforcement. I can't say I've ever tested this, so this is just a guess although I've never had issues with an app/deployment that did not allow interaction.

    Thus, can you please test a similar app that does have or enable user interaction and validate whether or not that works. If it does, as I suspect it will, there may be a bug (or design limitation) with apps that do allow user interaction for which you should open a support case to puruse.

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