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Marcus Östman 21 Reputation points

I have this script which exports a list of files and folders to a csv.

Get-ChildItem -path D:\VmWare -Recurse | Select-Object DirectoryName, Name, Extension, Length | Export-Csv -Path D:\Temp\Test.csv -Encoding Unicode -NoTypeInformation

I trying to figure out if it's possible to get DirectoryName for a folder. If I choose 'Fullname' I also get file name on files, which I don't want to.
I found this line, but I don't see how to incorporate it to the script above.

foreach {Split-Path -Path $_.Fullname -Parent | Split-Path -NoQualifier }


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  1. Rich Matheisen 36,241 Reputation points

    Do you want only directories in the list? If so, add the "-Directory" switch to the Get-ChildItem cmdlet.

    If you want directories and files in the list, then this should help:

    Get-ChildItem c:\junk -Recurse | 
        ForEach-Object {
            if ($_.PSIsContainer){
  2. Ian Xue (Shanghai Wicresoft Co., Ltd.) 18,766 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    According to your screenshot, are you trying to get the full path of the parent directory of a directory? If yes you may try this

    Get-ChildItem -path D:\VmWare -Recurse -Directory | ForEach-Object { Split-Path -Path $_.FullName -Parent }  

    Best Regards,


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  3. Keith Miller 1 Reputation point

    Make DirectoryName a calculated property:

    Get-ChildItem -path D:\VmWare -Recurse |
        Select @{ N = 'DirectoryName' ; E = {
            If ( ! ( $_.PSIsContainer ))
                { $_.DirectoryName }
                { Split-Path $_.FullName }
        }}, Name, Extension, Length |
    Export-Csv -Path D:\Temp\Test.csv -Encoding Unicode -NoTypeInformation