Visual Studio causes everything to lag. How to corrrect this?

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I'm giving Visual Studio (VS) another try. I've tried it each year since 2002 and ended up trashing it every time because even when it's not running everything I try to do on my computer lags and takes twice as long to do anything including simple things like opening the Start Menu. My PC lags so bad things that used to launch in the blink of an eye before I installed VS stop responding and take 5 minutes to launch after it finally starts responding again.

The lag is 4x worse when Visual Studio is running. It's frustrating and not at all convenient to use this program to write code.

Is it possible to disable whatever's causing it to lag? As I mentioned it's causing my entire machine to lag at an intolerable amount even when VS isn't running.

CPU: Intel i5 7500 7th gen (runs at 3.2 to 3.8gHz)
GPU: GTX1050Ti
RAM: 8gb
O/S: Win10 Home (latest version just updated today 6/17/22)

Storage1: 152/280 free on C:\
Storage2: 320/500 free on D:\
Storage3: 220/220 free on G:\
Storage type: SSD (1TB)

I know my PC isn't 'top of the line' but it runs everything else I try to run really well. I'm hoping I can get Visual Studio running better so I'm at least able to use it without being slowed down, irritated, and frustrated by it's lag.

The only thing I want to use Visual Studio for is C# with Unity.

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