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Get list of all tiIndicators using Graph API

Hello Community,

I have a Microsoft Sentinel system with about 30K of TI indicators, that were ingested from Alien Vault using this playbook:

Now I would like to get a list of all indicators using Graph API. I tried to do it using Graph Explorer with the following query: GET

And I got the following response:

After that, I tried to add a new indicator using Graph API: POST and a request body from this example:

Then I did the first step of getting the list of existing indicators and I did see the indicator that was added manually. I went to Sentinel TI to check whether I see this manually added indicator or not there and I did see it.

So my question is the following: Has anyone tried GraphAPI for TI indicators? What am I missing? Why don't I see all my indicators?

It is in beta now, but It seems weird that the GET request shows nothing.

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@mikhailf Apologies for the delayed response on this post.

Just wanted to check were you able to resolve your issue or you need any assistance on the same.

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I have also a similar issue. However, I found a workaround via the Log Analytics API. You can find my question on StackOverflow here.

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