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Here is the scenario.
I have an internal Windows 2019 server hosting 2 web apps, one is on port 80 and the other 8081.

From the outside world, a person enters a URL that has access to the web server and I need to get the redirect to from from the internet to "localhost:8081"
I can get it to work one way, though the website displays the login and when you submit the login info I get an error. I suspect that the information coming back from the internal server is not formatting the URL correctly. In other words, the content string is not what the server is responding.

What is the best way or what information would one require to assist before I jump put the window :-) luckily I am on the first floor.


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  1. Bruce (SqlWork.com) 31,326 Reputation points

    localhost is always the computer making the request, that is, the computer hosting the browser.

    Typically an internal server is connected to the internet via a router. The router has an external addressed assigned by the isp (often via dynamic dhcp). The router does nat translation (maps internal to external) to access the internal server from the internet, you configure the router nat translate the external to a single internal.

    Typically there is also a firewall with incoming, and outgoing rules on which ports are open.

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