WARNING: the azure auth plugin is deprecated in v1.22+

asked 2022-06-20T15:57:20.877+00:00
Sebastian Pacheco 86 Reputation points

Hello everyone, some time ago I got the message WARNING: the azure auth plugin is deprecated in v1.22+... what does it really mean?

I connect from the Cloud Shell of portal.azure.com and so I enter the kubernetes console

will it affect me in any way?


Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
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  1. answered 2022-11-17T15:27:59.927+00:00
    Guilherme Oenning 21 Reputation points

    @Sebastian Pacheco I don't know how that works from inside Cloud Shell, but I'd suggest downloading kubectl and connecting to AKS from your machine, you'll have a lot more control and overall better experience than using a cloud shell.

    @Sunilkumar S Assuming you're using kubectl from your local machine, you'll need to install kubelogin and execute the conversion, which will switch the deprecated authentication method to a newer one. Unfortunately that GitHub repository doesn't explain it very well, so I tried my best to explain in depth how it works and to remove the deprecation in this article https://aptakube.com/blog/how-to-use-azure-kubelogin

  2. answered 2022-06-20T20:38:12.957+00:00
    deherman-MSFT 23,591 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Sebastian Pacheco I understand you are receiving the above error when logging into the kubernetes console.

    This will message is caused by the following update:
    Reference: Release Release 2022-05-22 · Azure / AKS (github.com)

    Starting with Kubernetes 1.24, the following changes will be made:

    The default format of clusterUser credential for AAD enabled clusters will be ‘exec’, which requires kubelogin binary in the execution PATH. If you are using Azure CLI, it will prompt users to download kubelogin. There will be no behavior change for non-AAD clusters, or AAD clusters whose version is older than 1.24. Existing downloaded kubeconfig will still work. We provide an optional query parameter ‘format’ when getting clusterUser credential to overwrite the default behavior change, you can explicitly specify format to ‘azure’ to get old format kubeconfig.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you still face issues or have further questions.


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