2 seperate installs packaged into 1 deployment?

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Hello I have 2 separate deployments in sccm for 2 seperate pieces of software. I was asked by the customer to package the installers together and deploy it as 1.

Is this possible to do? Thanks.

Microsoft Configuration Manager
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  1. Jason Sandys 30,881 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Yes. There are a handful of different ways to accomplish this.

    1. You could just co-locate the source files and use a script to kick off both installers (adding the script to co-located source location and using it in the install command-line).
    2. You could keep them separate and use app/package dependencies.
    3. Keep them separate and use a task sequence.
    4. Keep the separate and use an app group. or app groups.

    Without knowing the exact details here of the apps of goals for this this, there's no way to know which is the best. I would generally lean towards #4 or #2 as these are the built-in "elegant" mechanisms, but as noted, the details matter here when choosing between these options.

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    +1 to this.

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