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Remove azure backup center backed up files manually

I am using Azure storage manager to track down our older archived Blob files. We have terrabytes of backups and maybe a lot more archived we would like to delete manually.

I see blob containers and file shares with some files but less than 1% of what we have.

The search isn't helpful. Is there a separate area for these larger and higher number of files.

What I am looking for is someones else's practice when it comes to housekeeping larger files manually. How is it done ?

In Azure portal I can see my backups but I cannot find the Blob URL to see and access/delete them?

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@LawrenceKelly-1608 Just checking in if you have had a chance to see the previous response. We need the previously asked information to understand/investigate this issue further.

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I did email you but it rejected so maybe a typo. Can you send me an email again. Or update with an email here? Thanks.

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