Problems accessing user folders on offline hard drives

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Hello, I'm having strange issues with folder access on my main computer at work. Ordinarily when I'd mount a drive in an external adapter in order to recover data from a customer's hard drive I'd get a message telling me I don't have permission to view a folders contents and that I should click to get permission. Now I don't get a prompt and nothing happens when I click a user folder, no message and no access. If I go to properties and take ownership of the folder, giving myself full permissions I go back and try to open the folder and still nothing. It doesn't open and I get no message about why I'm being denied access, it just does nothing. What is going on? I'd hate to have to burn this machine down and start all over as I have a good bit of software installed that I use regularly. I'd appreciate any suggestions to fix this problem, because it is making data recovery jobs impossible. Thanks for any suggestions in advance.

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