Azure Signalr service in combination with Blazor and other Hubs


I am new to Blazor and Azure and am having a hard time understanding this. I want to create a Blazor server application. It says in the docs that Microsoft recommends using a Azure SignalR service for this and gives instructions on how to configure. I also want an Azure SignalR service with Hubs to communicate messages between some primarily between desktop clients and possibly my Blazor server application. Am I able to do this with only one Azure SignalrR service or do I need 2 different instances? If I only need one, would each be considered a Unit?

Azure SignalR Service
Azure SignalR Service
An Azure service that is used for adding real-time communications to web applications.
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    anonymous user, Apologies for the delayed response.

    For this scenario you only need one Azure SignalR instance. Also, unit is just a logical concept for how many connections you can have at the same time. So if your connection is no more than 1000 you only need one unit.

    One Azure SignalR Service instance can be used by multiple applications. In the ASRS instance, applications are isolated by their application name and hub name. Please refer this discussion thread for additional details.

    Kindly let us know if you have any further questions on this, we would be more than happy to assist you.

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