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ComboBox in UWP MS Toolkit DataGrid loses it's SelectedItem value


I just tried to add the combo box within Microsoft UWP tool kit data grid in UWP application. When showing large number of items in DataGrid the ComboBox selectedItem and SelectedIndex loses it's values when scrolling up/down . Could you please anyone suggest me the workaround for that ?

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I added the DataGridComboBoxColumn in DataGrid and populated its itemsSource. Then I tried to select one of the items in ComboBox. After that, I scrolled up/down but it still display the selected item, it didn't lose its value of selectedItem. Are my steps correct? And can you provide a simple sample that can be reproduced for us to test?

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Hi, is there any update? Have you solved your issue?

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Hi, is there any update?

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Hi, do you have any questions?

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Hi, is there any update?

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