Azure.CognitiveServices only working on console app, not on framework

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Trying to use Azure cognitive services.


are these services only for console app?

The function runs when try it on console app (tried both C# & VB), however when trying to run it on windows app get errors. Basically I want to return value after calling an azure service, and use it in windows app.

Same code running on console app, but not returning any value on windows framework app.

gets stuck at below lines. the thread is processed asynchronously with no response

Dim results As DetectResult = Await client.DetectObjectsInStreamAsync(stream)

Dim textHeaders = Await client.ReadInStreamAsync(File.OpenRead(localFile), language:="en"

I don't think there should be any limitation of Azure use only on windows app

API Name Microsoft.Azure.CognitiveServices.Vision.ComputerVision
Working only on console app, not on windows app

Azure Cognitive Services
Azure Cognitive Services
A group of Azure artificial intelligence services and cognitive APIs that help build intelligent apps.
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    Do create a support ticket if possible.
    thanks for your help. I have designed console app in VB.Net and is working fine. Will upload its code on Github to assist others.

    it would be extremely useful for many developers if Azure cognitive services start on framework also.
    We have an engineering college & many students are interested to learn the same

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