No messages on MSMQ queue, deadletter queue, or any other queue

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I'm trying to resolve a problem on my development computer. The code I'm working with has been validated to work, so it must be a local issue, but I've tried everything I could find and I'm at a loss finding more information.

The issue is that while I'm sending MSMQ messages to the queue, and the MSMQ End2End logs show that I sent them, they never end up on the queue.

The End2End logs show the following 2 events:
Message with ID {a0a04974-e089-4bfd-83af-babbe44e72d4}\4099 was put into queue DIRECT=OS:[PC name]\private$[Name of queue]
Message with ID {a0a04974-e089-4bfd-83af-babbe44e72d4}\4099 was sent to queue DIRECT=OS:[PC name]\private$[Name of queue]

The queues themselves show up in Services and Applications - Message Queuing - Private Queues

No errors or notable warnings show up in the logs, no exceptions are thrown when the message is set on the queue.

This is all local PC, so the queue, the queue handler and the program putting messages on the queue are all on the same physical PC.

I've explicitly added to the code to use the dead letter queue, but no matter what I do, all of my queues stay empty.

  • I have deinstalled and reinstalled the MSMQ service, in case my QMId is the same.
  • I have changed the level on which the MSMQ service runs, from Network to Local, in case that was a problem.
  • I have added dead letter queue usage in the code, in the hope that the messages would end up there.
  • I have started Visual Studio in Administrator mode, in case it was an issue with rights.
  • I have run the system with the queue handler on or off. The queue handler never receives any messages.

I am at a loss why I don't see anything on the queue, and I am even more at a loss why I do not see any reason why they're on the queue.

If anyone has any idea what I can turn on or change to at least get the reason why my messages are not showing up, that would already help me tremendously.

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  1. Leon Laude 85,046 Reputation points


    They’re also actively answering questions in the dedicated MSMQ forum over here:

    Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ)

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  2. Arie Hofland 1 Reputation point

    I wasn't aware there was a dedicated MSMQ forum. Thank you!