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We are a small company that does a bunch of internal development on our Azure account. SQL, Webapp, some C# and Python stuff,building tools that our internal employees use. A few months ago we had a customer that saw one of our tools during a client call and hired us to do a SQL database with a some C# front end data input forms and management functions.

Anyway, we've never deployed code to another companies Azure account. There's about a half a dozen Azure resource groups that they spun up on their Azure account to match what we created on our Azure account, but now we need to get the actual code over to their Azure account Problem is their corporate security is VERY tight (they deal with sensitive things) and their policy outright forbids any outside entity from having password access to their Azure account.

We could use some advice on how to deploy our work on their resources. I'm guessing deployment scripts? Maybe pipelines? I'd hate for it to be "Go to this one drive folder we gave you access to, copy all the stuff there, now save the SQL file in the Azure resource you called...." They don't have much programming experience so it's a high supervised situation

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    Hello @Charles Root , A clean solution to achieve your goal would be to setup Azure Pipelines (a part of Azure DevOps) and use Service Connection to connect to their Azure subscription to deploy your required infrastructure and code. Azure pipeline has inbuilt tasks for everything you need (e.g. Web App deploy, SQL publish etc.). Regarding security aspects, the service connection would need one time setup in your Azure DevOps instance using a service principal from their tenant. Or you can do it in the other way i.e. connect to your source control from their Azure DevOps instance using a Service Connection if they want to keep the control at their side.

    For any assistance in Azure DevOps, you can reach our Developer Community since it is not yet supported in Microsoft Q&A platform here.

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