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ComponentArt license for single application

Hi Team,

Our company used a 3rd party application called ComponentArt for some UI elements on an application.
We have recently tried to move the application to new infrastructure and have gotten the error about the version being an unlicensed version.
If we can't get any help on this component here, could we get some information on where we can get some support.


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Hi @SyedTalhaHussain-7953 ,

Welcome to Microsoft Q&A forum. I’m not sure where your company got this application, perhaps you can directly ask the author of this ComponentArt application about this question?

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We have come to know that the company who designed the ComponentArt library was bought by Datazen which is owned by Microsoft hence the question. Is there anyone I could speak to from datazen?

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Hi @SyedTalhaHussain-7953 ,

As Datazen is not supported in Microsoft Q&A forums, you may try sending emails to for better help.


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