Can I enable multiple tap-and-hold in Windows 11?

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Background: I'm working on fleshing out a touchscreen app for controlling a 3D printer. We're locked in to our vendor for this particular device, and their software stack only runs on Windows.

We started out with long-pressing not working correctly for jogging axes, because the default behavior is to interpret a long-press as a right-click. That was easy enough to fix by changing Windows settings, and single-axis jogging is now working well.

I've subsequently been asked whether it's possible to support jogging more than one axis at once using the UI. The UI software has jogging functionality built in, but it only allows you to assign one axis to each jog button. So the obvious workaround is simply to press more than one jog button at once, like you'd do with a physical control panel.

However, from what I can find, out of the box Windows only supports a single touch input at a time, regardless of how many individual touch points that input involves.

Question: Is it possible to enable multiple "left-click" taps on Windows 11?

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