Can a group policy computer auto lock without going sleep?

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Basically, company wants all computers to never sleep, however, I want some of them to lock after 15 minutes of inactivity.

I tested group policy power options to never sleep, and machine inactivity timeout to 15 minutes. It does not appear to ever lock. Is it possible to lock after inactivity without going to sleep?

Never Sleep Policy
Computer Configuration
Administrative Templates
System/Power Management/Sleep Settings

Policy Setting
Allow standby states (S1-S3) when sleeping (plugged in) Disabled
Require a password when a computer wakes (plugged in) Disabled
Specify the system hibernate timeout (plugged in) Enabled
System Hibernate Timeout (seconds): 0
Specify the system sleep timeout (plugged in)
System Sleep Timeout (seconds): 0
Specify the unattended sleep timeout (plugged in)
Unattended Sleep Timeout (seconds): 0
Turn off hybrid sleep (plugged in) Enabled

Control Panel Settings
Power Options
Power Plan (At least Windows 7) (Name: Balanced)
Power Plan (At least Windows 7) (Order: 1)

Action Update
Make this the active Power Plan: Enabled
Name Balanced
When computer is: Plugged in Running on batteries
Require a password on wakeup: No Yes
Turn off hard disk after: Never Never
Sleep after: Never Never
Allow hybrid sleep: Off Off
Hibernate after: Never Never
Lid close action: Sleep Sleep
Power button action: Shutdown Shutdown
Start menu power button: Hibernate Hibernate
Link State Power Management: Moderate power savings Maximum power savings
Minimum processor state: After 5 minutes After 5 minutes
Maximum processor state: After 100 minutes After 100 minutes
Turn off display after: Never Never
Adaptive display: On On
Critical battery action: Do nothing Shutdown
Low battery level: After 10 minutes After 10 minutes
Critical battery level: After 5 minutes After 5 minutes
Low battery notification: Off Off
Low battery action: Do nothing Do nothing

15 Min Lock Policy
Computer Configuration (Enabled)
Windows Settings
Security Settings
Local Policies/Security Options
Policy Setting
Interactive logon: Machine inactivity limit 900 seconds

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