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How to Save records to Master-detail tables in ASP.NET MVC 5

I have Test and Deta(Details) table in DB. With Entity Framework 5 I have obtained a model so I have classes generated from it. I also created controllers and views for the Deta table. I can add, clear and delete the records before saving but finally, I can't to save the records.

Test table has (TestID, MissionCode, StartDate, EndDate) Deta table has (DetaId, TestType, TestDate, Driver, Place, TestID) I used the following script in the view to add, clear and save the record.

@section scripts{
//Show Modal.
function addNewDeta() {
//Add Multiple Order.
$("#addToList").click(function (e) {

         if ($.trim($("#testType").val()) == "" || $.trim($("#testDate").val()) == "" || $.trim($("#driver").val()) == "" || $.trim($("#place").val()) == "") return;

         var testType = $("#testType").val(),
             testDate = $("#testDate").val(),
             driver = $("#driver").val(),
             place = $("#place").val(),
             detailsTableBody = $("#detailsTable tbody");

         var tstItem = '<tr><td>' + testType + '</td><td>' + testDate + '</td><td>' + driver + '</td><td>' + place + '</td><td><a data-itemId="0" href="#" class="deleteItem">Remove</a></td></tr>';
     //After Add A New Order In The List, Clear Clean The Form For Add More Order.
     function clearItem() {
     // After Add A New Order In The List, If You Want, You Can Remove It.
     $(document).on('click', 'a.deleteItem', function (e) {
         var $self = $(this);
         if ($(this).attr('data-itemId') == "0") {
             $(this).parents('tr').css("background-color", "#ff6347").fadeOut(800, function () {
     //After Click Save Button Pass All Data View To Controller For Save Database
     function saveDeta(data) {
         return $.ajax({
             contentType: 'application/json; charset=utf-8',
             dataType: 'json',
             type: 'POST',
             url: "/Detas/SaveDeta",
             data: data,
             success: function (result) {
             error: function () {
     //Collect Multiple Order List For Pass To Controller
     $("#saveDeta").click(function (e) {

         var detaArr = [];
         detaArr.length = 0;

         $.each($("#detailsTable tbody tr"), function () {
                 testType: $(this).find('td:eq(0)').html(),
                 testDate: $(this).find('td:eq(1)').html(),
                 driver: $(this).find('td:eq(2)').html(),
                 place: $(this).find('td:eq(3)').html()

         var data = JSON.stringify({
             missionCode: $("#missionCode").val(),
             startDate: $("#startDate").val(),
             endDate: $("#endDate").val(),
             deta: detaArr

         $.when(saveDeta(data)).then(function (response) {
         }).fail(function (err) {


This is the controller

namespace WebApplication2.Controllers
public class DetasController : Controller
ETHADAMISEntities db = new ETHADAMISEntities();
public ActionResult Index()
List<Test> DetaAndTest = db.Tests.ToList();
return View(DetaAndTest);
public ActionResult SaveDeta(string missionCode, DateTime startDate, DateTime endDate, Deta[] deta)
string result = "Error! Test Detail Is Not Complete!";
if (missionCode != null && startDate != null && endDate != null && deta != null)
var tstId = Guid.NewGuid();
Test model = new Test
TestID = tstId,
MissionCode = missionCode,
StartDate = startDate,
EndDate = endDate

             foreach (var item in deta)
                 var id = Guid.NewGuid();
                 Deta O = new Deta
                     DetaId = id,
                     TestType = item.TestType,
                     TestDate = item.TestDate,
                     Driver = item.Driver,
                     Place = item.Place,
                     TestID = tstId
             result = "Success! Test with Detail Is Complete!";
         return Json(result, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);


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Hi @AhmedMulu-6022,

I can add, clear and delete the records before saving but finally, I can't to save the records.

When you added, the data was not saved to the database?
Do you have any error messages? You can press F12 to view the error message.
Can you provide a small demo that can reproduce the problem?
Best regards,
Lan Huang

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It has added the detail but it cant' save



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1 Answer

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Hi @AhmedMulu-6022,
I suggest you breakpoint to check for errors. You'd better provide a small example that reproduces the problem.
You can refer to the demo I wrote:

     <div title = "PostPortion"> 
     <input type = "text" id = "txtPlace" placeholder = "Place"/> 
         <input type = "text" id = "txtDriver"placeholder = "Driver"/> 
         <input type = "text" id = "txtTestType" placeholder = "TestType"/> 
         <input type = "button" id = "btnPost" value = "Post Data" /> 

 public ActionResult Index()
             return View();
         public JsonResult AjaxPostCall(Deta deta)
             Deta deta1 = new Deta
                 Place = deta.Place,
                 Driver = deta.Driver,
                 TestType = deta.TestType,
             return Json(deta1, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);

Best regards,
Lan Huang

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I don't understand the solution.
Pls can you clarify better?

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I can't to find the error using the breakpoint. There is no error using breakpoint.

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Hi @AhmedMulu-6022,
The code you provide is difficult to reproduce your problem.
Breakpoints need to be hit on the back end.You can breakpoint at [return Json(result, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);] to see if Json returns correctly.
You can try changing the AJAX error to see if there is a detailed error message.

 error: function(XMLHttpRequest, textStatus, errorThrown) { 
         alert("Status: " + textStatus); alert("Error: " + errorThrown); 

Best regards,
Lan Huang

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