Sharepoint Online Communication Hub Site - Can LINKS to Word Templates Ever Work Correctly for Visitors?

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I need to find a way for people with Visitor (read) permissions to click on a LINK to a Word template and have it open like a Word template should giving them a "Document 1" file. I have a lot of these template files and I don't want to have to link to the files on our current web server folders for it to work.

I've found a way to force the template to work correctly for people with edit permissions but Visitors get a "Sorry, you don't have access." message with this solution. If I do a normal copy link the template files open in the browser but Visitors can only print them. They aren't given the option to even download the file, which I don't understand because Read Level should be able to download.

Visitors permissions are set to:

The Restricted View, Limited Access, and Web-Only Limited Access do not show up in my list of Permission Levels. I'm assuming this is something done at my company's administrative level? Who knows really. It could just be something SharePoint does to mess with people's head. That seems to be the whole purpose of SharePoint. It certainly isn't to make people's lives easier.

I understand that "There is no solution." is the most likely answer and that's fine. I just need to know for sure so I can move on and try to find a solution to the next stupid thing SharePoint does or doesn't do.

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