Advanced search help

Example: Microsoft search should have terms

This is a basic “should have” search where the frequency of each word is counted in each thread. Each time a word is found, the score for that thread goes up. The threads with the highest scores are then returned as most relevant. It is possible that a thread that does not contain all or even most of the terms still scores as most relevant because it has many hits on a single term. Also capitalization of words is ignored when matching here.

Example: +Microsoft –search

If you want to require a term to be in a matching thread, you can put a “+” immediately before the word. Likewise if you want to exclude a term from matches use a “-“. When more than one must/must not have term is used, it is interpreted as a logical AND. In this example, the search will return matches only if they contain the term “microsoft” and do not contain the term “search”. Again capitalization is ignored.

Exammple: +”azure search is great” –“search does not work”

This is the same as the must/must not have term search except it matches on the entire phrase in quotes. In this example only threads containing the exact phrase “azure search is great” and not containing the exact phrase “search does not work” will be matched.

Example: +title:”search” –body:”elastic”

This search is similar to the must/must not have search above in every way except we are restricting matches to a particular field. So in this example, only threads having “search” in the title field and not have "elastic" in the body field will be returned as matches. Field searches can also accept phrases in addition to single words but the phrase will be required to match exactly.

Example: [azure] [directory]

This search will find any threads with tags that contain either "azure" or "directory".

Example: date:"2021-05-26 TO 2021-05-26"

This search will find any threads that are between the dates above.