Customer satisfaction survey

In Microsoft Q&A, we are excited to hear back from you on how you are enjoying this experience. We have one type of survey for question authors to evaluate the quality of the answers (Answer quality survey).

Answer quality survey

This is an inline survey that targets users who have asked questions on the platform, and then returned to view an answer. We want to understand how your experience was, starting from finding a problem you want to solve to getting an answer from the Q&A community.

Screenshot of the inline survey to rate the quality of the answers

Here is some basic information about this survey.

  1. Only the author of a question can see it.
  2. There is an inline survey for each answer to a question.
  3. Once the author sees a success message, the survey is submitted.
  4. On page refresh, the author can rate an answer again.

Feedback on Q&A

If you would like to tell us about your experience with the Microsoft Q&A platform, please give us site feedback. See more information on the Site feedback article.