Deleting content

As a moderator, you can delete users contributions under certain circumstances. Be aware, moderators should use discretion when deleting another user’s contribution. Here are some examples of when to use this permission appropriately:

  • The question is inappropriate or not relevant
  • The answer or comment only contains a link to an external site.
  • The content is plagiarism.
  • The content does not follow the Code of Conduct.

Each user can see their deleted threads and all moderators and admins can see deleted threads that belong to other users.

How to delete a thread

  1. Visit the thread you wish to delete.
  2. Using the gear icon, find the “Delete” option.
  3. Once clicked the thread will be deleted.


If you delete one or more posts from the user, they and other users will lose any reputation points gained on that post.

Undoing the delete action might not bring some of the previous user statistics back on their profile. For example, if you delete an accepted answer, and then undo the deletion, the answer will not be automatically re-marked as accepted.

Content deletion is one of the most serious actions that can be taken by a moderator. Take the time to fully review the questionable content, the associated user account, and any other pertinent information before performing the final removal of any content on Q&A.