Feeds and filters

Microsoft Q&A offers different feeds for users depending on whether you are on the home page or on the Questions page.

Home page

From the Questions page, users have the option to see all the threads or have a personalized feed as follows:

Questions page feed.

  • My activity: Questions where you have participated, such as posted a question or site feedback; answered a question; commented on a question, or site feedback; viewed a question or site feedback; voted on any content; accepted an answer; edited a question, site feedback, answer, or comment; locked comments on a question; make a question or site feedback sticky.
  • My follows: Questions in tags you follow.
  • My expertise: Questions where you are marked as a tag expert. If you are not marked as a Community expert, then this option is not available for selection.
  • My combined feed: This feeds combines all your questions from My activity, My follows, and My expertise.
  • All Questions: All the questions posted on Microsoft Q&A. This is the default view.

For any of the feeds above, the default sort order is by Updated date. Additionally, you can update the sort order by Created date, Hottest, Votes, and Views.


Individual questions that you choose to follow do not show in your personalized feed. Following the individual questions does, however, allow you to receive alerts/messages when actions are taken on that question such as answers, accepted answers, and comments.

Tag page

From a tag page, for example, windows-server, you can see the following filters:

  • All Questions: It shows all questions posted on Microsoft Q&A. This is the default view.
  • Unanswered Questions: Questions that do not yet have an answer and are not closed.