Making a question sticky

If a question is an announcement type (product announcement or update, emerging bug, etc.) and it benefits a larger audience, that question can be converted to a sticky thread.


Users can only see sticky questions on the All questions page.

Make sure that:

  • Sticky threads are current and relevant.
  • Sticky threads are actively moderated.
  • Sticky question are temporary and you have a plan to remove the sticky element after a period of time.
  • There are not more than 2 sticky posts at a time on the site. Otherwise, the user experience gets degraded, especially on small screens or mobile devices.

Sticky don'ts

Sticky posts should not be used for:

  • Asking for feedback on a product of feature.
  • Promote any other documentation (including blogs).
  • Posts that will be closed as soon as they are created and they don't allow answers by community members.

How to create a sticky question

  1. Navigate to the question.
  2. From the "Gear" icon on the question, select "Make Site Stickyā€¯.
  3. Observe the label "Site sticky" against the question.