App Center Product Roadmap


Visual Studio App Center is scheduled for retirement on March 31, 2025. While you can continue to use Visual Studio App Center until it is fully retired, there are several recommended alternatives that you may consider migrating to.

Learn more about support timelines and alternatives.

To more actively engage with our customers, we've moved our public roadmap to the App Center GitHub repository. Your comments on the Iteration Plan and Features create an open dialog between us and customers. This change also lets others see the feedback you share.

  • Got a feature request and don’t know what to do with it? Add it as a feature to the repository.
  • Request changes to how a feature works? Let us know.
  • See someone else’s feature or comment that looks interesting? Give it a Thumbs Up or a +1 so we know you agree. Be sure to search the existing issues first before adding a new one to help us avoid duplicates.

Product Technical Support

The GitHub repository isn't where you'll get product support. When you have issues, problems, or questions about how App Center works, you can contact support. In the App Center portal, in the upper-right hand corner, open ? (Help) > Contact support. Our support team is there to answer your questions and help you solve your problems.