UC Managed API (UCMA) v1.0 beta available

I was eagerly waiting since a long time to write about this exciting news, With the public annonucement of OCS 2007 beta, now we have a managed API known as UCMA is publicly available. Before coming out with official name UCMA, we were internally calling it as Ucp.net sdk. This SDK opens up the Sip signaling stack for managed application. As soon as it publishes on MSDN (expecting within a week or so), I will provide the download link and I will post more real scenarios and samples here.

Its a sip stack endpoint API, below is the list of some interesting features you will see in UCMA 1.0

a) Support for Sip Endpoint REGISTER to sip servers and SipPeerToPeerEndpoint,

b) Full SipSignalingSession to establish Sip dialog, it includes support for REDIRECT and REFER,

c) Utility classes for Sip header, Sip uri and SDP parsing,

d) Support for SIP SERVICE request, which is commonly used by OCS for publish operations,

e) Support for basic SIP Subscription dialog  and Notification with automatic refresh, 

f) Great scalability for middle tier application with MTLS server connection management,

In the coming weeks I will be posting simple code snippets and explain the usage scenarios for each of this feature.


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