[Cool spam] Our internal discussion list is nominated in a Who's Who award!

Here is an interesting piece of spam I received this morning on our internal discussion list:

Dear VSS Lab Account,

    You were recently appointed as a biographical candidate to represent your industry in the Madison Who's Who Among Executives and Professionals, and for inclusion into the upcoming 2007-2008 "Honors Edition" of the registry.

We are pleased to inform you that on October 4th, your candidacy was approved. Your confirmation for inclusion will be effective within five business days, pending our receipt of the enclosed application.

The Office of the Managing Director appoints individuals based on a candidate's current position, and usually with information obtained from researched executive and professional listings. The director thinks you may make an interesting biographical subject, as individual achievement is what Madison Who's Who is all about. Upon final confirmation you will be listed among thousands of accomplished individuals in the Madison Who's Who Registry. There is no cost to be included.

We do require additional information to complete the selection process and kindly ask that you access this form on our website:

Click here to register

Or you can manually enter this address into your web browser:


To ensure your biographical data is received in time, please complete the online form above as soon as possible. Our editorial deadline is quickly approaching.



Matthew Johnson
Managing Editor

Madison Who's Who is not associated or affiliated with Marquis Who's Who or any other Who's Who.

Madison Who's Who, Inc. 30-01 Northern Blvd. Long Island City , NY 11101 USA


Great - so this would be our first occasion to promote our internal, super-secret VSS-related discussion list in a public Who's Who entry.

After I checked that the links are indeed not pointing to some sort of phishing-attack server, I went there and filled the forms - maybe we'll get approved!

I'll keep you in touch with the progress...