Xbox 360 HD DVD Emulator Request Update

Any of you who made requests for the Xbox 360 HD DVD emulator last week should have received at least an initial email with further instructions on getting access to the emulator support site on, signing the end user licensing agreement (EULA), and obtaining the Xbox Live Marketplace token.

Remember, there is an actual live, breathing human being processing all these emails.  His name is Josh. He is moving as fast as he can.  We let him come out of his office late on Friday and let him go home for the weekend as long as he promised to come back Monday and keep working.  Luckily for all of you, he did come back.

So far, he's processed about 3000 (legitimate, non-spambot) requests.  ~800 people have accepted the EULA, and 413 Connect invitations have been sent out with ~400 to go.  Give Josh about a business day or two (M-F, 8a-5p, PST) to respond to any email you send.  FYI, I've heard a rumor that Josh has a script that moves emails to the bottom of the queue if he gets too many emails from a single address, so try to have a little patience.

This is roughly the way the process goes...

1) Go to request signup instructions

2) Go to

3) Click the "Sign In" button.  If you have a Windows Live ID (ie, a Microsoft Passport login, Hotmail account, MSN account, etc), login with this.  If you do not have a Windows Live ID, click the "Sign Up Now" and create one.  Your Windows Live ID can be any email address at which you would like to receive communications about this program.  (and, btw, Microsoft is hyper-sensitive about privacy and stuff so you won't get spammed - you will just receive info about this program if you opt-in).

4) Reply to the instruction email, and change the subject line to include the Windows Live ID that you selected.  For example, I would use: "MS CONNECT ID:"

5) Josh will send you the end user licensing agreement (EULA)

6) Reply to the EULA email and change the subject line to "I Agree"

7) Josh will send you an invitation ID for and an Xbox Live Marketplace token.

8) Go to and enter the invitation ID.  This site is where you will download the PC software for logging, the user instructions (in the CHM file - READ IT!! It has all the information you will need to get started), and best practices documentation, as well as find support articles on the emulator. 

9) On your Xbox 360, sign into Xbox LIVE.  Navigate to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace tab and select Redeem Code.   Enter your redemption token.  After successfully redeeming the pre-paid code, select "Yes" to download.

10) Get programming.