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DirectQuery in SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services whitepaper

I am excited to announce the availability of a new whitepaper called "DirectQuery in SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services". This whitepaper written by Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari will take your understanding and knowledge of DirectQuery to the next level so you can make the right decisions in your next project. Although the whitepaper is written for SQL Server Analysis services many of the concepts are shared with Power BI.

A small summary of the whitepaper:

DirectQuery transforms the Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular model into a metadata layer on top of an external database. For SQL Server 2016, DirectQuery was redesigned for dramatically improved speed and performance, however, it is also now more complex to understand and implement. There are many tradeoffs to consider when deciding when to use DirectQuery versus in memory mode (VertiPaq). Consider using DirectQuery if you have either a small database that is updated frequently or a large database that would not fit in memory

Download the whitepaper here.