Information Rights Management in Windows SharePoint Services Poster Available for Download

Now that we’ve managed to get the Windows SharePoint Services and Office SharePoint Server SDKs out the door, I’ve had a chance to catch my breath and do a couple of one-off side projects. One of which is (big surprise) another poster highlighting the developer functionality in WSS 3.0.

This time around I’ve focused on the Information Rights Management framework in WSS. In WSS 3.0, administrators can now apply IRM to document libraries and item attachments. IRM lets you create a persistent set of access controls that live with the content, helping you control access to files even after a user downloads them. And if you’ve got custom file types, you can create IRM protectors: custom assemblies that plug into the IRM framework and control the conversion of those file types to and from their encrypted, rights-managed formats.

WSS gives you the choice of creating two types of custom protectors:

· Integrated protectors, which use Windows SharePoint Services to access the Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) platform in order to generate protected versions of files, and to remove protection from rights-managed files.

· Autonomous protectors, on the other hand, configure and execute the entire rights-management process by themselves.

The poster illustrates how the two types of protectors fit into the IRM framework in WSS 3.0, and how WSS uses each to rights manage documents during file upload and download process.

To download the poster, just click on the attachment at the end of this post.

You can read all about the IRM framework in WSS starting here.