This Social Networking Thing ::sigh::

So some of you may have been going “Hey Angela, What GIVES??” You never seem to blog anymore.  And maybe, just MAYBE you even thought I had stuff worth tuning in for occasionally.  Well, here is the deal.  I have a serious case of social networking fatigue. I am involved in, and in some cases run so many organizations that it’s easy to forget to update this blog, that Twitter feed, those Facebook pages, oh and don’t forget the LinkedIn groups, AAARRRGGGGHHH!

So, the blogs suffer because it seems like myself, most folks in technology have a very short attention span.  In some cases to the tune of 142 characters at a time, or less Smile  And it’s far less time and effort to send some quick hits on Twitter, and hey there’s even a nifty link that allows me to cross post between FB and Twitter.  So GIT Chicago usually wins!  As long as you’re not reading the GIT Chicago blog, or our LinkedIn site (although I do think we can have our tweets go to LinkedIn, still researching).  See what I mean?  So here’s the roll call:






I’ve literally gotten to the point where I just refuse to use any more tools for networking.  And I’ve been asked to join some more, and immediately delete the email.  DONE, no mas por favor!  And these are just my (mostly) work related accounts.  Of course I have my personal FB page, and a personal on-line journal…  Don’t even get me started on how many email accounts I maintain, cause a lot of the things I share via the above sites I ALSO share via distribution lists via email.

So here is my pipe dream.  My sparkling unicorn.  If anyone out there knows of a very cool way to keep them all updated in far fewer steps I will seriously send you cookies.  I realize I can’t easily publish to ALL of the account sites at once, but maybe even just picking one “identity”.  So today I am Managing Director of Girls in Tech. Let me post an update about an event through one tool and have that post to Facebook, Twitter, my blog and LinkedIn in one shot!!  I’ll even create the copy for all of those myself, I just need to not have to remember to open 4 different tools to do it.  Did I mention I’d send you cookies? Might even make them myself.  And if you know me at all, you know that is a serious threat Smile with tongue out