Create a Windows Mixed Reality App from 0 - The Unity project

Have we said “From 0”🤔😏? Let’s go!

- Launch Unity3D; the startup screen allows you to open an existing project or to start a new one; Choose to start a new project clicking on New image

- Give a new to the project like “CreateObjects”; be sure that 3D is checked; Click on Create Project image

- Once the project created, the Unity User interface appears. The Inspector window is like the properties window where we can modify everything about the selected object. The Hierarchy window contains all objects of our scene. The Project window shows all the files of the projects (The Assets folder). Lastly, the Scene window allows us to place, move, rotate, modify 3D objects.


- In order to target the Windows Mixed Reality Platform, use the File menu and then Build Settings image

- Choose Universal Windows Platform and then click on Switch Platform image

This action configure the project to target the Windows Mixed Reality platform: You have the proof that a Mixed Reality application is a UWP app!

The Build output is not an executable. It is a UWP solution that will be open in Visual Studio

- The last parameters are the support of VR and that we use C# for scripting. To do this, still in the Build Settings screen, click on Player Settings image

- The Inspector window shows now the options related to the app. Click on XR Settings and check Virtual Reality Supported. Then, in Other Settings, select .NET as Scripting Backend image image


Your app is ready! But empty 😉



💻 The hardware configuration 🛠 The technology and the tools
👨‍💻 The Unity project ⬅ We are here
✏ A simple example