Windows Phone SDK 7.1 RC is available now and provides a ‘Go Live’ license that enables you to publish applications to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Windows Phone SDK 7.1 RC is now live on the Download Center and the Marketplace is able to ingest WP7.5 apps. This release represents a large step for the platform, the Release Candidate (RC) build empowers the developer to not only develop their Windows Phone 7.5 apps, but it also includes a ‘Go Live’ license that empowers them to publish to Marketplace. The RC release continues to work fine with the pre-release builds of Zune and Windows Phone 7.5 that we released last month (build 7712). There have been no application platform changes between builds 7712 and 7720 of the OS, so devs should be fine continuing to use their devices with the WPSDK 7.1 until Windows Phone 7.5 is made available from their Mobile Operator.

Download link

- Windows Phone SDK 7.1 RC on the Microsoft Download Center

- Windows Phone SDK 7.1 RC direct download links:

- Windows Phone SDK 7.1 RC documentation

This new release includes a lot of improvement. The emulator is using the RTM Build (7720) and the profiler have couple enhancements to make development and testing better. NuGet is now supported in the free Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone SKU and a completed Marketplace Test Kit enables you to test your app for certification on your machine. Moreover with the‘Go Live’ license included in the WPSDK 7.1 RC you can publish your apps to the Windows Phone Marketplace. If you built your app using the WPSDK 7.1 Beta 2 Refresh released last month, it should be as simple as a recompile and test.