Links for DevOps Columbus

These are some helpful links for folks new to PowerShell and Desired State Configuration. At the bottom is a bonus section of related *nix links as well. To quote our CEO, “Microsoft loves Linux.”

Microsoft Ignite 2015 Conference - DevOps Sessions

Microsoft PowerShell Team Blog

Download the latest version of PowerShell (WMF) and Release Notes


Microsoft Virtual Academy

PowerShell Summit YouTube Videos

Microsoft Channel 9 Videos

Microsoft Ignite Conference 2015 Recordings

Microsoft Premier Customers: Video Workshop

PowerScripting Podcast

Microsoft PowerShell Modules/DSC on GitHub

Search and Report, Bugs and Feedback


*nix Topics

PowerShell DSC for Linux is now available!

Latest PowerShell news on DSC for Linux

Get started with Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration for Linux

9 Sessions on Linux at Microsoft Ignite 2015

Looking Forward: Microsoft Support for Secure Shell (SSH)

OpenSSH for Windows Update

Open Management Infrastructure (OMI/CIM)